Meet Our Volunteers

We are incredibly lucky to have a wonderful cohort of volunteers who bring their experience, enthusiasm and knowledge to forumand we’d love to introduce you to a few of the forum+ volunteer team.


I’m Alex, I’m 22 years old, and I’m currently working freelance in Policy & Research across various U.K. policy areas. I graduated in Politics last year, and I have since been involving myself with as many LGBTQ+ research and policy projects as possible. This includes, of course, my voluntary work with forum+, helping to analyse important survey research exploring the experiences and needs of our community. I’m a massive house plant enthusiast (150+ plants and counting!), and I love exploring our brilliant city and meeting new people.

Why did you want to volunteer for forum+?

I wanted to find a way to feel more connected to the local LGBTQ+ community in London. Though I have a wonderful network of LGBTQ+ / queer friends, I wanted to branch out and engage with the important work being conducted by organisations such as forum+ in support of our vibrant community. Upon discovering forum+, I was keen to make a meaningful contribution to the brilliant work which the organisation conducts – something which I feel (and hope) I have been able to do.

What do you enjoy most about volunteering for forum+

Given that most of my voluntary work has been centred around research, it has been incredibly rewarding to help the team identify the ways in which we can support our community in bouncing back from Covid-19. The last year has had really impacted our local community, as our research demonstrates. Yet our findings are also testament to the strength, resilience and optimism of our community – something which I feel enormously grateful for. It has also been a privilege getting to know forum+ staff and community members, even if I am yet to meet anyone in person!


I’m Daniella, I am 24 years old and I work in technology consultancy in London, volunteering with forum+ in my spare time. I am half-Colombian and I love Spanish and Latin American literature and cinema. As well as being part of forum+, I am a committee member of the Pride Network at my workplace.

Why did you want to volunteer for forum+?

I wanted to volunteer for forum+ to connect with my local LGBT community and use my time to promote awareness of LGBT issues. I also wanted to learn more about the LGBT culture and community in my borough.

What do you enjoy most about volunteering for forum+ and being part of the team? 

I really enjoyed being able to support with the Loudest Whispers Art Exhibition, and volunteering regularly at the Union Chapel lunches. The team is friendly and inclusive, as well as flexible, which allows me to balance work with volunteering which has become my passion.

Being a volunteer with forum+ has allowed me to meet so many people who are all united in their hope of building a stronger LGBT community – widening my network and enabling me to learn about others’ experiences.


I have graduated in performing arts and always been passionate about poetry and creative minds. I tend to express myself freely and by volunteering I can help others do the same. I actively share LGBT+ content on social media so people can see that they are not alone. It’s feels great to help others and forum+ provides me with that opportunity.

On a more relaxing day I love to contemplate the ocean and surf at any chance I get or simply walk along the canals in London where I have been living for the past four years.

I am proud to be gay and proud to be a part of the forum+ family.

Why did you want to volunteer for forum+?

I have been volunteering for over a year now and it all started because I want to help others in any way I can. Talking to people that have suffer from hate crime in the community and helping them overcome or get the proper help was the main reason. Small actions can have a great impact in people’s lives.

What do you enjoy most about volunteering for forum+ and being part of the team? 

Growing alongside such role models at forum+ and having a better understanding on how we can actually help the community that’s what I enjoy the most. I’m a completely different person thanks to the team, I am grateful.

Having people opening up to me like I am their friend makes me feel like this role is extremely important. I have learned that all it takes is a “hello” and an honest smile.

I have learned that the sense of community is fading and organisations like forum+ actually help the community to stay alive. A simple “how are you?” Can change people’s lives and that’s what I am here for.